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"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm." --Winston Churchill

Bary Ritholtz's The Fine Art of Doing Nothing

New month, new directions. Let's have some fun.

I have the attention span of a weasel on crack -- Charles Stross

17 Aug 2016


GLS conference

Airline Sentiment

Corn Crop Yields

15 Aug 2016


Agile Visualization.



GLS 12

12 Aug 2016

Machine Learning

Trump and machine learning.

08 Aug 2016


Topo maps for all of the US.

Small Computers

SBC-FLT another small form factor computer.

05 Aug 2016


Forget Comcast - DYI approach to internet access.

Playing for Data: Ground Truth from Computer Games

A functional architecture for autonomous driving.

04 Aug 2016


Comma.ai for folks to experiment with. This is self-driving car training data.

02 Aug 2016


Rust on the BBC Microbit.

SIMIT language for computing on sparse systems.

Single-Layer atmo model

Haskell data analysis cookbook.

Everything is broken.

Finding photo true love in Switzerland.

The code.


Bruce O'Neel

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